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Hi Robert,

This is a bit of a specialist application, certainly Avahi is not built to do it right now but it can’t really as you need extra information you don’t usually have to make this work.  For example you have to somehow figure out where the client is connected, which typically is not directly available on the network and you would have to somehow query the wifi or network controller, or through LLDP or something.

One way I have seen this done is to basically connect the AppleTV and WiFi access point to the same switch, and then block multicast going upstream to the rest of the network.  The problem is usually they try allow multicast out to allow “some” devices to reply by way of firewalling the response form most devices, the problem is that mDNS has a mechanic called “Passive Observation of Failure” which causes problems with this approach, in that it will see someone send a query, get no response, and assume that device is dead (when it’s not, the traffic was silently firewalled).

So really to do this best you need a much more complex solution to the firewall, most likely you would need to have each mDNS “zone” in a separate VLAN and trunks all of those VLANs back to a central controller which has some special logic.


> AOn 10 Apr 2015, at 2:38 PM, Robert Nagtegaal <masikh at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear developers,
> For my job I’m building a ‘bonjour gateway’. Basically this means a network with apple-tv’s etc… and separate networks with clients. These clients are spread throughout a large building. The number of devices (apple-tv’s) are more then 100. The BJ-gw (Avahi) serves the clients with known devices.
> Now what I’d like to achieve is the following:
> Say I am in a class-room and a client (laptop, ipad/phone) connects via an access point (AP). From 100+ apple-tv’s there is only one serving this room. Is it possible to show the client only this one apple-tv based on the MAC-address from the AP it is connected to? 
> I know that the Cisco-WLC can handle this but I was wondering if Avahi has this mechanism (see where the client request originates from, and serve based on this information a subset of it’s known devices) already build-in or is there a known -software- solution?
> Kind regards,
> Robert Nagtegaal.
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