[avahi] Possible bug in CNAME resolution

Kyle Edwards kedwards at bullex.com
Mon Sep 21 08:50:46 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I have recently discovered what I believe may be a bug in avahi-daemon.
It seems to have something to do with CNAME resolution. I have a bunch
of devices on a network named xxxx.local, with an additional CNAME
record named xxxx.net pointing to xxxx.local. Every once in a while,
when a device gets removed from the network, avahi-daemon crashes on
another device, with this error message:

> on: running [xxxx.local]: browse.c:298: lookup_multicast_callback:
Assertion `avahi_key_equal(b->key, l->key)' failed.
> Aborted

I added some more debug statements and got this:

> browse.c: b->key: yyyy.net	IN	AAAA
> browse.c: l->key: yyyy.local	IN	AAAA
> on: running [xxxx.local]: browse.c:306: lookup_multicast_callback:
Assertion `avahi_key_equal(b->key, l->key)' failed.

So, it looks like the AvahiSRBLookup key and the AvahiSRecordBrowser key
are different for some reason. I am running Avahi 0.6.31. Would somebody
be able to help me? Thanks in advance.


Kyle Edwards

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