[avahi] Identify failures when registering a service in Vala

Trent Lloyd lathiat at bur.st
Sat May 20 05:34:04 UTC 2017


I admit I'm not really up to date on Vala, do you have an example of 
your code I can look at?

Looking briefly here:

Assuming you are using the gobject API it does seem to have errors and 
the avahi-gobject code itself converts these errnos into a GError with 
all the various function calls - which is likely where you should access 
it from.

My best guess, perhaps, is that you need to react to state_changed as 
most errors you're likely to hit (i.e. conflict when publishing) won't 
return immediately but instead later fire a state_changed event about 
the collision.  Is it in that handler that you can't access the error?


On 17/01/17 01:22, Visarion-Mingopol Alexandru-Viorel wrote:
> Currently, in Vala we can notidentify which kind of failure happens 
> while registering a service.
> In the official C example this is possible through
> fprintf(stderr, "Entry group failure: %s\n", 
> avahi_strerror(avahi_client_errno(avahi_entry_group_get_client(g))));
> Unfortunately, in the Vala bindings, avahi_client_errno () is not 
> included in the API.
> I would gladly try to include the avahi_client_errno () method in 
> Vala, if this complies with your logical design/plans.
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