[avahi] How to debug avahi over subnets

Marc Haber mh+avahi at zugschlus.de
Mon Sep 17 09:08:18 UTC 2018


I have my printer on a different subnet than the CUPS server, the
requests need to pass a router. CUPS server (parada) and router
(barrida) are both running Debian stable, with avahi 0.6.32. I'd rather
not upgrade to 0.7 unless I know positively that this will fix my issue.
My printer is a Lexmark C534 called c534-ka51.

Regularly, but not reproducible, a record for c534-ka51.local seems to
remain stuck in the Avahi world. As a result, turning on the printer
will register "c534-ka51 (2)" visible on the CUPS server (parada) with
avahi-browse -a:

+   eth0 IPv4 c534-ka51 (2)        Internet Printer     local
+   eth0 IPv4 c534-ka51 (2)        UNIX Printer local
+   eth0 IPv4 c534-ka51 (2)        Web Site local

Unfortunately, the CUPS erver wants to see c534-ka51._printer._tcp.local
which doesn't seem to be registered in avahi, not even on the router
(barrida). I'd paste avahi-browse --resolve --all output here, but it's
too long. It doesn't contain the string _printer though upon turning on
the printer.

avahi-daemon --debug is unhelpful, no output at all on barrida when the
printer comes online. The debug output does only seem to mention changes
for local services.

How do I debug this? How can I find out why
c534-ka51._printer._tcp.local does not show up? What blocks the printer
from registering as "c534-ka51" without the dreaded (2)? How can I
force-unregister a stuck "c534-ka51" without (2)? Why does restarting
avahi daemons on parada and barrida and the printer not resolve the

Any hints will be appreciated.


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