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I got this message recently that may be of interest to members of this
group. To follwo up, please contact Robert as needed.


>Hello All.
>One area where MathML is lacking is a specification of how it should
>be used in right-to-left languages, particularly Arabic.
>This issue came up during the work on MathML 2.0, and resulted in the
>addition of section 3.1.5.  This section says that the Unicode
>bidirectional algorithm should be followed for the text within token
>elements, but that MathML 2.0 doesn't address the general question of
>right-to-left layout.  The reason for that was simply that, the Math
>Working Group was unable to find enough examples and/or experts in the
>time available to be confident an attempt to describe how MathML
>should work in right-to-left text would get it right.
>Since then, however, a several groups have looked at using MathML in
>Arabic, and a number more have expressed interest in being able to do
>so.  Consequently, the current Math Interest Group believes the time
>is ripe to start a public discussion of the issue, with the goals of:
>1) Involving enough people from right-to-left language communities,
>    particularly Arabic-speaking, to be able to make an authoritative
>    statement about how math should be handled.
>2) Assuming 1 can be done, compiling an authoritative statement of
>    the rules of right-to-left math typesetting, and specifically how
>    MathML should be used for right-to-left mathematics.
>3) Assuming 1 and 2 can be accomplished, preparing a document with
>    official status to disseminate the result of 1 and 2 such as a W3C
>    Note, or perhaps a new version of MathML at some point.
>To get things started, I invite anyone with expert knowledge of math
>in Arabic or other right-to-left languages to post a brief
>introductory message.  Pointers to examples, articles, projects or
>other useful background information would be especially welcome.  If
>you aren't yourself an expert, but know someone who is, please draw
>their attention to this discussion.
>Dr. Robert Miner                                RobertM at dessci.com
>W3C Math Interest Group Co-Chair                      651-223-2883
>Design Science, Inc.   "How Science Communicates"   www.dessci.com

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