[Cairo] Window manager

Lars Segerlund lars.segerlund at comsys.se
Tue Aug 5 01:00:33 PDT 2003

  Nope not so, you could intercept the communication of the client with 
the server, and render fx. fonts, all drawing primitives in X and so on 
'THROUGH' the X server ( filtering through cairo manager first ).

  An easy way of doing this would be to replace the X11 libs on the 
machinr, but I would wouch for hijacking the server connection, ( socket ).

  This way you would get all the eye candy you want :-) ...

  So perhaps you would want to write a window manager which hijacks the 
connection to the X server, ( or starts it on a different socket/port ) 
and then filters everything, and registers itself as a window manager 
after the server starts up.

  As I sayd easy .... ;-P

  / Lars Segerlund.

Bill Spitzak wrote:
> On Monday 04 August 2003 01:32 pm, Josh Hansen wrote:
>>I posted something about this on xwin.org (my tag is 'evilyoda') and
>>wanted to know what everybody thinks about it:
>>    Couldn't cairo be used to create a new window manager for X in which
>>ever window, every element, is integrated into a PDF-like rendering
>>model? This would allow eye candy and hardware acceleration similar to
>>OS X, wouldn't it? Tell me if I'm wrong...
> Sounds more like you want to replace the server, not the window manager. I 
> think replacing the server with something that understands Cairo directly is 
> the ultimate goal of this.
> Then it may be possible to tell the server to direct all operations to a 
> printing surface, and then redraw all the windows. This would produce a 
> non-pixelatted pdf version of the screen.
> With the current Cairo designs on X, the best a Cairo window manager could do 
> is print a representaion of the screen where the window borders look really 
> nice, but the contents of the windows are just pixelatted screen captures. 
> Perhaps some applications could cooperate in some new interface and send 
> Cairo printing over a pipe when requested by the window manager, so they 
> print nice, but not all applications will.

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