[Cairo] compiling on Slackware 9.0

Roman Bednarek roman at mikronika.com.pl
Fri Aug 8 01:45:23 PDT 2003

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Carl Worth wrote:

> On Aug 6, Roman Bednarek wrote:
>  >   Thanks for your help everything is compiling fine now.
> That's good to hear.
>  > But every test program from xrtest crashes as an example xrtest, stack
>  > under gdb:
>  > #0  *INT_IcComposite (op=0 '\0', iSrc=0x0, iMask=0x80510e8, iDst=0x0,
>  >     xSrc=1073784128, ySrc=-1073744024, xMask=0, yMask=0, xDst=134541232,
>  >     yDst=0, width=0, height=134541232) at ic.c:882
> This symptom looks typical of what happens right now when your X
> server doesn't support the Render extension.
   I am running the test on cygwin XFree86 with 4.2.0 which has RENDER
extension. I have also tested in on linux with XFree86 with the
same effect.
   Maybe I have to configure something? Or can I check something to help
find the problem?

  Roman Bednarek

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