[Cairo] Trying to track down cause of crash in xrspline... still

Eric Christopherson rakko at charter.net
Tue Aug 12 11:51:38 PDT 2003

As some of you know, I have had a problem with the demo program xrspline
(available in cvs under cairo-demo) for quite a while. The problem is that
it seems to make the X server itself crash.

Could a few folks out there try it out and see if it crashes for them? You
may need to move the control points around a bit to get it to crash.

I finally got the bright idea to actually look at the source code for
xrspline (wish I had thought of it sooner!) and noticed that it defines
several different types of splines, and defines one of them as the default.
This default one crashes my server instantly. However, I found that if I
change the default spline to something else, it doesn't crash right away.
Instead, I have to do some stuff like moving control points around or
dumping trapezoids (which AFAICT isn't supported by Cairo right now anyway).

Also, before the program and server crash, no spline is displayed in the
window. The window is completely white; I can't see the points or spline.
It's been a long time since this demo actually worked for me, but I do
remember that way back then the splines were actually visible :)

Anyway, I'm hoping I could get some input on this and possibly some other
people to try to test it. I'm a total novice at debugging, so any tips would
be useful.

Furrfu!		r a k k o  at  c h a r t e r  dot  n e t

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