[Fontconfig] Re: [Cairo] Text API proposal

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Wed Aug 13 08:40:35 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-08-12 at 18:52, Keith Packard wrote:

> > Compare the two attached images; the second demonstrates why you
> > want to be able to take device metrics into account when doing final
> > positioning of glyphs.
> Having a device resolution (even if incorrect) will at least make things 
> look equally bad everywhere, instead of using glyphs rendered at one size 
> set at spacing for a difference size.

Actually, when printing, you want to set the glyphs at the spacing
for linear metrics. If device resolution matters, then you aren't
going to get WYSIWYG.

And the difference between linear metrics and printer-resolution 
device metrics is not important.

> We're mostly counting on scary printer resolution to keep these effects to 
> a minimum.

Yes, printers are a lot easier than screens in this aspect. The hard
part is showing something on the screen that has the same line breaks
as the printed output, but still looks good.


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