[Cairo] Re: [Xr] Xr naming (was: Anybody there?)

Vadim Plessky plessky at cnt.ru
Tue Aug 12 06:34:32 PDT 2003

As for me, Xr sounds pretty good.
I hardly expect any strong Windows followers to migrate to Linux or, *BSD, 
because  wonderful Xr extension to X, or whatever.
And, most Linux/*NIX users already familiar with X - so calling extension Xr 
is very smart way, IMO.


P.S. sorry with delay, was travelling too much during last 2 months.

On Friday 04 July 2003 05:15, Carl Worth wrote:
|  On Jul 3, Bill Spitzak wrote:
|   > I think the "Xr" name is very good and everybody is calling it that
|   > already. Tell the Windows people it is "like Direct-X for non-games,
|   > that is why it is called xr".
|  The solution we came up with for the OLS paper, (for which we
|  submitted a title long before Xr could even draw to in-memory images),
|  was to define Xr as "Cross-device Rendering".
|  Would it help to keep the same pronunciation, but de-emphasize the X,
|  (eg. name it xr or XR)? I'm also not a big fan of studly caps, but
|  went with it originally to match the X libraries. How about:
|  	xr_save (xrs);
|  	xr_move_to (xrs, x, y);
|  	xr_curve_to (xrs, x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3);
|  	xr_stroke (xrs);
|  	xr_restore (xrs);
|  -Carl
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