[Cairo] Re: Xrender transforms...

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu Aug 14 11:00:02 PDT 2003

Around 19 o'clock on Aug 14, Sven Luther wrote:

> What about (i don't speak about CVS, but once there are released
> tarballs which get made) that having all the different libraries in the
> same tarball, but in a subdirectory, and moving the auto/config stuff in
> the top directory or something, and then having the possibility to build
> the none mandatory libs (ic and xregion) or not, would be much more
> sane. Especially given the small size of those libraries.

That seems like a good project -- I would encourage you to try and use the 
configure scripts in each sub-directory so that the top-level 
configure script would remain relatively independent of the sub-pieces.

> Even for the ic and xregion libs, it is extreme. It could be ok to make
> them binary packages, but they should go in the same source package (and
> thus the same source tarball).

Perhaps these two libraries could be packaged together as a single 
library; while they do very different things, they're both necessary 
for any rendering application.  Besides, we could use a better name than 
either 'libic' or 'libpixregion'.

> There is one gnome-libs source package, which generate the various
> library packages (lignome32, libgnomeui32, ...). I don't know if the
> tarballs are pristine upstream ones, or if they are doctored to be made
> one tarball.

Hmm.  Might be nice to know how those guys solved this problem; at least 
we'd have an example to work from.


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