[Cairo] Re: Xrender transforms...

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Thu Aug 14 11:52:22 PDT 2003

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  is supposed to be dead ]

On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 13:05, Sven Luther wrote:

> > How does 'gnome' get built for debian?
> There is one gnome-libs source package, which generate the various
> library packages (lignome32, libgnomeui32, ...). I don't know if the
> tarballs are pristine upstream ones, or if they are doctored to be made
> one tarball.

Actually, this is not the case for GNOME 2. For GNOME 2 there are
separate libgnome and libgnomeui source tarballs.

I think it's least confusing if the upstream packages correspond
closely to the binary packages on a particular distribution
(except for libfoo, libfoo-dev type division.) The Red Hat GNOME
packages all work like that; we never split one source tarball
into multiple functionally distinct binary packages.

One thing you could look at is:


It's basically glib/pango/gtk+ packaged together into a big
tarball, with an appropriate toplevel configure.ac. 
We developed support in pkg-config to do this kind of setup,
and it could presumably be used for the libic/libpixregion/cairo

However, the fact that the last time we did this was GTK+-1.3.7
and there have been 30 or so releases since then does indicate
something: it was always a real pain to get the -all
tarball to distcheck succesfully - it was just too big and
complicated, and we never checked that it worked except at
release time.

I think combining libpixregion and libic into a single package
makes a lot of sense. In fact, I think combining them into
a single library makes a lot of sense; a 14k library like
libpixregion just is not a good tradeoff given the way that
ELF works.

I'm not sure doing anything special to go from 2 libraries to 
1 library makes sense. The problem is more external dependencies
(freetype, fontconfig, expat) and quasi-dependencies on some systems

To put it another way, to get just GTK+ built starting from a 
stock non-Linux system requires you to build (for 2.2)


And that point, 1 library versus 2 libraries for Cairo doesn't
matter a lot.


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