[Cairo] Text APIs round 2

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu Aug 14 18:25:57 PDT 2003

Around 17 o'clock on Aug 14, Carl Worth wrote:

> What are the appropriate values for slant and weight? And shall we
> change the types from int to new cairo_slant_t and cairo_weight_t
> enums?

I suppose.  We might consider using CSS2 constants though...

> What guarantees do we make about how the "family" argument is treated?
> It was proposed to support a reasonable result for a list of a few
> fonts, ("serif", "sans-serif", and "monospace"). Beyond that, do we
> just say that the result of any other name is dependent on the native
> font system?

We could provide a listing API that returned the set of available families 
(aside from the 'generic' names described above).  But, that leads us down 
a rocky road of font information that I'm not sure we want to traverse...

> > 	cairo_font_from_ft_font (cairo_ft_font_t *ft_font);

> What are the memory management semantics here? If we're creating a new
> object, then consistency suggests the following instead:

No, the cairo_font_t is a "part" of the cairo_ft_font_t; this returns only 
a pointer to the already allocated storage.


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