[Fontconfig] Re: [Cairo] Text API proposal

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Sat Aug 16 10:03:23 PDT 2003

On Aug 16, Hans Breuer wrote:
 > I still fail to see how Pango and Cairo should play together.
 > If both do their own independent name to font mapping things
 > will get worse than now in respect to applications which try 
 > to have cross platform file interchangeability.

For sophisticated applications the intent is not for Cairo to provide
independent name to font mapping. Instead, the cairo_font_create
functions will accept a font that was already discovered via an
external native font API.

Cairo will provide a convenience function, (cairo_select_font), for
trivial font matching. But that's only intended to be used by
applications that wouldn't care much about cross-platform file
interchangeability anyway.

And even then, the names will still go through the native font API.

So Cairo won't be inventing any new name to font mapping.


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