[Cairo] Simplifying Cairo dependencies.

Sven Luther sven.luther at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 19 10:39:50 PDT 2003

On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 11:01:46AM -0400, Carl Worth wrote:
> On Aug 14, Owen Taylor wrote:
>  > As in my other mail, I think combining pixregion and libic would make
>  > sense. It's quite possible that 'slim' should just be a header file
>  > cut-and-pasted into each module. (In which case, nothing should
>  > install it.)
> I like both of these ideas[*].
> For slim, I think I'll just copy the header files into the source
> directory for each library that wants them. I'll include a version
> number with the copy, (maybe src/slim-0.1.0/slim_import.h). Richard,
> that will mean you will need to be more aggressive about incrementing
> the version of slim with each change so that it will be obvious when
> the headers need to be copied. Does that sound acceptable?
> Before merging libpixregion into libic, I'd like to come up with a
> better name for libic, (we can drop studly caps at the same time). The
> new library will have the following functionality:
> 	o Image compositing
> 	o Projective image transformations
> 	o Trapezoid rasterization
> 	o Set operations for pixel regions
> It will probably also have some text rendering functionality. (We need
> to write that code, and people probably won't appreciate it if I try
> to make yet another tiny library).
> Basically, this is all the same functionality as the Render extension,
> but independent of X and targeting an in-memory image. This library
> will serve as the in-memory-image backend for Cairo.
> I had come up with "libic: Image Compositing Library" but I'm hoping
> someone can do better. Any suggestions?

What about using another egyptian city name or something such ?
Maybe one of the ancient cities known for their hieroglyphs or something
such ? 


Sven Luther

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