Moderating non-subscriber messages (was: [Cairo] Re: cairo digest, Vol 1 #40 - 1 msg)

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Fri Aug 22 08:34:49 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 11:15, Carl Worth wrote:
> On Aug 22, Robprichard at wrote:
>  > sending ads to a discussion group BS
> The simple way to fix this problem is to change the list to only
> accept posts from subscribed members.
> But I've hesitated to do that as it puts a burden on subscribers that
> use multiple addresses, (the traditional workaround is to subscribe
> multiple times and turn off delivery to all addresses but one). But
> worse, it discourages new users from sending a query to the list
> without subscribing.

To handle multiple addresses on, we have a small
Mailman patch to enable:

Though this is most useful on a server with lots of lists.

> What I'd really like to be able to do is to triage all posts from
> non-subscribers, requiring an administrator to approve the post before
> it is sent on the the list. But I haven't found a way to get mailman
> 2.0 to do that.

This is the exact behavior you get if you turn off posts from
non-members; Mailman-2.1 not required. I don't think it's even
possible to get Mailman-2.0 to bounce posts from non-members.


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