[Cairo] Re: Patch for cairo --without-x

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Fri Dec 5 09:24:43 PST 2003

On Dec 5, Keith Packard wrote:
 > How about following the autofoo convention?
 > Or is it more important to avoid stepping on the HAVE_ namespace
 > like that?

Short answer: Yes, it's important not to invade on this namespace.

Long answer:

I do consider the HAVE_ namespace as belonging to autofoo. I certainly
don't want to do anything that makes it difficult for user of cairo
that want to use autofoo.

For example, even if the user wouldn't mind giving up the HAVE_CAIRO_
namespace, there's still the potential confusion of a user digging
through giant configure scripts of cairo-based applications trying to
figure out where the HAVE_CAIRO_ variables are being set.


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