[cairo] XPutImage fails for ARGB32 images

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Thu Dec 11 10:09:05 PST 2003

On Dec 7, David Reveman wrote:
 > Problem seems to be that the XImage is created with depth 24.
 > line 260 in cairo_xlib_surface.c:
 > image->depth == 32 ? 24 : image->depth,

That code sure looks bogus doesn't it?

The two X servers I have handy at the moment are running at depths of
16 and 24 and it's clear that the code above is a bug for these

I seem to recall writing that code to make some problem go away. I was
perhaps on a depth 32 server at the time. It's quite likely that the
code above was serving to mask some other bug, (that may or may not
still be present).

 > after changing that line to:
 > image->depth,
 > it works fine. Is this bad for some reason?

This fix is now committed. If it unmasks another bug it will just be
easier to fix now.


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