[cairo] Using Cairo with SDL library

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Fri Dec 12 06:44:24 PST 2003

On Dec 12, Enzo wrote:
 > I'm looking for a library to render SVG images to
 > SDL surfaces (http://www.libsdl.org).


We already have a library for rendering SVG images using cairo. It's
called libsvg-cairo and is hosted at:


It depends on libsvg from the same place, as well as libxml2. The
libsvg code was written by ripping out all of the libart dependencies
from librsvg and replacing it with a callback interface for any
rendering system.

 > - Can I make cairo to render image on the SDL surface pixel buffer
 >   in memory? (it's a simple linear framebuffer).

Quite likely. Cairo can draw directly to a chunk of memory that you
hand it. See:


Cairo supports only a small number of image formats, but it shouldn't
bee *too* hard to extend those if needed.

 > - Can cairo be build on other platforms than linux? (win32, mac
 > - osX)

It has been built successfully on linux and mac OS X, (and several
little bugs exposed by OS X were recently fixed). In the past, a few
people have gotten it to work on Windows, but it was necessary to
manually rip out of some of the X11-related code. With the recent
ability to "configure --without-x" I would imagine that building on
Windows is now easier than before.

 > - What are the minimal dependencies of cairo library?

Cairo is implemented as two libraries: libcairo and libpixman. It also
depends on a "native" font system, (which in the current
implementation means it depends on fontconfig/freetype). But we will
probably want to substitute in support for other font systems on some

The only other minimal dependencies are quite standard: libc, libm,
and libz.

Finally, the optional backends come with their own dependencies. For
example, the X Render backend depends on Xrender, X11, etc. And other
in-progress backends (OpenGL, PNG) will also have their own

 > Thank you very much for any response.

You're quite welcome.


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