[cairo] Bug in cairo_text/glyph_path

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Tue Dec 16 08:38:57 PST 2003

I've recently committed support for the following new functions:


The cairo-demo/png/text.c demonstrates the use of these functions by
filling text in black (cairo_show_text/glyph), then stroking it in
red (cairo_text/glyph_path; cairo_stroke).

There seems to be a slight problem in that the filled and stroked
versions of the text do not quite align properly when the CTM or font
transforms are non-identity. I'm not sure where the bug is, but I
thought I would commit it as is so that others can start playing with


PS. I announced these new functions on the new
cairo-announce at cairographics.org mailing list. I copied the
subscription list from this list over to the new one, so everyone
should have received that.

The new cairo-announce list will be a low-traffic, moderated list,
dealing only with announcements. The goal is that the announcements
should contain enough information for a user to track API
changes. Feel free to unsubscribe from one or both lists as

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