[Xr] XrSetPattern added

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Mon May 12 09:59:13 PDT 2003

I just committed a long-overdue function to Xr:

	void XrSetPattern(XrState *xrs, XrSurface *pattern);

which allows you to draw using a pattern rather than a solid color.

This should be quite helpful for those who want to do things like

I also updated the xrknockout program, (in the xrtest module in CVS),
to use this function to draw the checked background. That also
demonstrates the use of XrSurfaceSetRepeat to allow a repeated

One thing still missing from the pattern API is a way to set a
transformation matrix for the pattern. To simplify the API, it may
make sense to expose an XrTransform object which could be used both
for the Xr user->device space transformation as well as surface

One complication is that the user->device space matrix only supports
affine transformations while the surface code has support for a full
projective transformation matrix.

Once the surface transformation is in place, it should be possible to
use this to easily and efficiently drawing some gradients.


Carl Worth                                        
USC Information Sciences Institute                      cworth at isi.edu

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