[Xr] Few fundamental questions

port001 port001 at w0r.mine.nu
Mon May 19 10:33:21 PDT 2003


I am greatly annoyed by the poor 2D performance I experience using XFree and
nvidia drivers. GTK2 is a lot worse than Qt 2D performance wise, so this is
why I am very interested in Xr.

I recently viewed some videos of Microsoft's Longhorn; spinning and warping
windows on the desktop, I must say I was a little jealous... not because of
the spinning windows but because they have implemented rendering by the GPU.

I wasn't aware that the Xr project was nearing a stable release so I was
pleasantly surprised, but before I get my hopes up and give Xr a test I'd
like a few things cleared up.

First of all, am I going to see a difference in applications that haven't
been written using Xr? Will I see any speed improvements from GTK2 widgets?
Or does GTK2 need to be modified to take advantage of Xr or does Xr add
itself as a core layer to XFree eliminating the need for front-end
modification software?

One final question... Is the DRI in DirectFBGL in XdirectFB the same kind of
thing as Xr? and Quartz Extreme for that matter..?


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