[cairo] Re: Scaling/rotating a pattern

Carl Worth cworth at isi.edu
Thu Apr 15 10:11:35 PDT 2004

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:30:24 +0200, David Reveman wrote:
> Glitz is not very good at handling both rotation and transformation at
> the same time. I think Xrender and pixman have the same problem.

Render and pixmain handle rotation and transformation just fine, (since
rotation is just one particular case of transformation).

Maybe you meant "repeat" in place of "rotation"?

In that case, yes, both Render and pixman currently have a bug which
causes the repeat attribute to be mishandled when under the influence of
a non-identity transformation matrix.

This is quite likely the cause of the bug.

> You can always handle this in your application by first repeating the
> pattern to an intermediate surface and then transforming this
> intermediate pattern onto the destination.

This sounds like a fine workaround for now, but we should fix the bug
for real at some point.


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