[cairo] OpenGL backend in CVS

David Reveman c99drn at cs.umu.se
Fri Apr 16 01:33:19 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 20:36 -0400, Carl Worth wrote:
> > 1. Text!
> > OpenGL text performance is horrible right now. Adding some kind of glyph
> > cache to cairo will fix this. Is anyone working on this?
> I've heard that freetype now provides glyph caching. We should look into
> whether that would do the job.

I had a quick look at freetype's cache sub-system and I think it can be
used with cairo. This would be a good solution.

> > 2. Faster clipping
> > Glitz can accelerated non-rectangular clipping very efficiently. I'd
> > like to use this with cairo. It will require a change to the current
> > clipping interface:
> > Instead of having clipping connected to a cairo_t object, it could be
> > connected to a surface. This way we can push all clipping to the
> > backends.
> That sounds quite reasonable, and I don't think it should be too
> difficult. What kind of interface would be convenient for you? Would the
> list of trapezoids do the trick?


- David

David Reveman <c99drn at cs.umu.se>

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