[cairo] Re: [Mesa3d-dev] Points in Cairo Glitz paper

Jon Smirl jonsmirl at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 12:33:33 PDT 2004

--- Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com> wrote:
> Might I suggest that applications that are this interested in performance 
> on 3D hardware would be better served by directly targeting an API lower 
> on the stack than cairo?

It's not about the performance of a specific app, it's about building a whole
bunch of future desktop software that can't easily have it's drawing

We need a specific 2D API because it is too easy to do things in OpenGL that are
never going to print without resorting to bitmaps. But we're stuck with the
hardware model whether we like it or not and MS is going to make sure this model
gets spread even further.

This fixed hardware model is limited in what it can accelerate while software
implementations are free to do anything they want. Do display quality and ease
of use real improve enough to justify doing things that don't map easily to the
hardware? After all, given the life span of X we're going to be staring at these
decisions for the next ten years.

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl at yahoo.com

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