[cairo] cairo design

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Apr 24 13:58:02 PDT 2004

Around 12 o'clock on Apr 24, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Or maybe instead we should do some apps and see if they are actually
> necessary? Presumably a display list looks a whole lot like a 
> "stored group" - I don't imagine that introducing them later compatibly
> would be a problem.

This seems prudent to me; applications which could naturally take advantage
of display lists should be easily conditionalized if they are added to the
API in the futre, and having some examples of how applications actually
work will allow us to do a much better job providing a connection between
them an the OpenGL API.

If we're really lucky, multiple applications will actually implement a
display-list API on top of the immediate mode API and we'll be able to get
an even better idea how a native cairo version should work.


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