[cairo] Newbie asks questions

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 25 13:04:31 PDT 2004

Kylix hrm? Well I cannot answer the other questions, given the other
aspects I am not sure given your time frame its a viable solution to
learn a new api and port it etc etc..

Especially as while afaik no one has written any Object Pascal headers,
it should be relatively easy to do a straight header translation if you
need to allow using cairo in your apps. One thing to look into is the
FreePascal utility h2pas, which allows converting about 85% of any c
library header into a fairly straightforward pascal header. From there
you can manually clean it up relatively quickly and depending on needs
put together an OO framework to use it.


On Sun, 2004-04-25 at 09:54, Okezsoke wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> First I have to apologize my poor english.
> This is my last year on the college.
> My thesis' theme is asset tracking, so I have to write a program
> displaying map from a database. My friend write the database structure
> and my task is the displaying. Actually I do not know much about this.
> We choosed Kylix 3 to develop the program.
> While I was searching on the Net, I found Cairo.
> So, I need some help in this.
>  - What kind of documents can You propose
> me to read, to gain some experiment in mapdrawing, and graphics.
>  - Can I use Cairo from Kylix, or this is impossible?
>  - If not, what else can I do? Give up Kylix, or use the possibilities
>  of it?
>  - If I use Cairo for this small task, isn't it like shot with an
>  A-bomb to a rabbit?
>  I have 3 weeks.
>  Thank You for your help,
>         Viktor Nagy
>           Hungary
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