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Fri Apr 30 12:49:06 PDT 2004

* Andrew Johnson <acjgenius at earthlink.net> [040430 21:21]:
> Hey all, 
> I am trying to figure out how best to Clip a cairo surface using xlib
> backend(and xrender) to the GDK region currently applied to the
> corresponding gdk window. 
> I can get the rectangles via gdk_region_get_rectangles, however I cannot
> see any fast and easy way to apply this directly to the surface. If I
> had the xrender handle actually being used I could simply create a new
> xregion and apply it, then free on done, but I am not seeing anyway to
> handle this in the current api. 
> Am I missing something, or there is simply no simple way to handle this
> as yet?
> Also would there be any Plausible way to apply a gdk clipping mask to
> cairo? Or is that asking too much.
> Preferably much of this wouldn't be needed given a native cairo gtk, as
> trying to juggle using cairo surfaces within the gdk context is making
> life fun, but ah well maybe next year.

What would be needed to do this is to be able to convert between a
gdkregion and a path in cairo,. (and perhaps vice versa). Whether these
functions are in a cairo, gtkcairo or gtk+ namespace isn't important,
the same work is needed. 

I am going to put some efforts into gtkcairo, due to a presentation, and
thus a paper I need to write, quite soon, and would be glad to
get some suggestions to features, what I currently have planned is:

    - transparent backend selection (either fully automatic, or env.
      variable overrride). Need to support imagebuffer currently have
      xrender and glitz, need pixman as well.
    - some way of accessing the current gtk+ theme's colors, (currently
      I have a crude implementation in the gtkcairo_slide demo in

      cairo_set_gtk_color (ct, "base", GTK_STATE_NORMAL);

      the api is in need of a change
    - making the default font in the toy api the same as the current
      gtk+ theme

There are probably more things to be done, but these are what I have
scheduled to look at when I get the time.

/Øyvind K.
  /V\    Øyvind Kolås,  Gjøvik University College, Norway 
 /(_)\   <oeyvindk at hig.no>,<pippin at users.sourceforge.net>
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