[cairo] Re: License for cairo changed to LGPL

Turner, David DTurner at nds.com
Thu Aug 5 04:00:35 PDT 2004

> >If that's the *primary* goal, why not simplify the problem 
> by releasing
> >Cairo under the GPL + linking exception license, which is already
> >used by projects like GNU ClassPath, PNet and others. Here it is:
> Please not GPL. GPL is a kind of evil. Many licences are not GPL
> compliant (and not only about linking libs). For example, PHP 
> gets tons
> of problem with gpl licenced libraries (the most known was 
> mysql client
> libs, solved by an exception). But it's still a pain.

This is *not* GPL, it's "GPL + linking exception", and I'd be
_extremely_ surprised if PHP had any problem with it.

Could you care to elaborate about this ?

- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (www.freetype.org)

> --Pierre

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