[cairo] external backends

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Aug 8 15:38:57 PDT 2004

Around 15 o'clock on Aug 8, Ross McFarland wrote:

> in the past the thought had crossed my mind about an application
> providing it's own custom cairo backend.

The original cairo design included a well defined backend API, but after 
we implemented several different backends and discovered that each one 
required significant changes in the backend-API, we decided that it would 
be better (at least for now) to keep the backends integrated into the 
library and wait for that interface to stablize before attempting to 
publish that as a standard part of the library.

So, it's not because we don't want a stable and documented API for 
backends, it's because we haven't figured out how yet.


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