[cairo] Cairo + Pango

Turner, David DTurner at nds.com
Wed Aug 11 02:31:14 PDT 2004

> Since cairo is now GPL, what about nuking the cairo
> font implementation completely and integrate pango? --
It's not as simple as you think. Consider that:

 - Pango depends on GLib, which is in itself quite
   large, and is a lot less portable than Cairo
   would like to be.

   It is possible to strip it from problematic
   functionality, but this certainly isn't something
   the Cairo authors or users should be concerned about.

 - Pango follows the GLib convention that "if "malloc"
   fails, the program halts immediately". That's because
   this allows you to remove 90% of error checks from
   your sources.

   That's maybe ok for some desktop applications, but
   it's a severe restriction for many other uses.

Hope this helps,

- David Turner

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