[cairo] Switching to Evas Canvas over LGPL

Rogelio M.Serrano Jr. rogelio at smsglobal.net
Fri Aug 13 18:45:26 PDT 2004

On 2004-08-14 09:06:39 +0800 George McBay <gfm at mischief.com> wrote:

> Unlikely.  Most people would just move over to using
> Antigrain (which is actually really nice, but just has
> an unfortunate (IMO) C++ templated API.
> Or, perhaps even more likely (and more damaging for
> Open Source, depending upon your point of view) is
> people will just start using GDI+ and/or Quartz and
> ignore non-Windows/Mac platforms.

I live in the Philippines. More than 80 % of the population cannot 
afford either a windows pc or a mac. Now how many millions is that? 
Only systems with open source software can make a sustainable business 
out of that. Unless MS allows wholesale piracy. I think MS allows it 
because at least it will keep keep linux out of home pcs. Now what 
will happen if somebody offered an integrated package with the 
usablility of a mac at very low cost and build a sustainable business 
out of that? At margins that will give BG a nightmare? Sorry for being 
out of topic. I will not reply to this thread anymore.

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