[cairo] Cairo with m17n-lib

James Henstridge james at jamesh.id.au
Tue Aug 17 13:11:55 PDT 2004

On 16/08/04 12:32, Kenichi Handa wrote:

>We have just release the version 1.1.0 of the m17n library
><http://www.m17n.org/m17n-lib>.  Along with it, we have also
>done some work to use that library from cairo
>For instance, this kind of image can be easily
>	http://www.m17n.org/m17n-lib/cairo/cairo-hello.png
>What do you think?  Could you consider including the patch
>described in the above page in cairo itself?
Based on a quick look at the patch, it seems like it doesn't take 
hinting into account when laying out the text (measuring things at size 
100, then scaling them down).  Is it planned to lay things out according 
to the hinting in the future?


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