[cairo] API request: obtain the trapezoids that areoutsideofthe surface

Dirk Schönberger dirk.schoenberger at sz-online.de
Fri Aug 27 11:31:31 PDT 2004

> That's how it's implemented.  The state (color, line width, ctm, ...) is
> applied during tesselation, not earlier.  That means that you cannot
> have a path where a sub-path has a different line-width, color or
> matrix.  If you allow different line-widths for the sub-paths you will
> have some problems calculating the bounding-box for the path, for
> example.

I think this is consistent to the Postscript rendering model.
You could still do some clever calls in relation to saving and restoring the
gstates like
(in Postscript)

0 setlinewidth
0 0 moveto 100 0 lineto 100 100 lineto
gsave 1 setlinewidth stroke grestore
20 20 moveto 120 20 lineto 120 120 lineto


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