[cairo] Question about Xft2

Bill Spitzak spitzak at d2.com
Mon Jan 12 20:39:57 PST 2004

This is probably a question for Keith Packard, but I'm not sure how to reach 
him directly.

To use fonts in OpenGL I use glXUseXFont to turn an XFontStruct into an 
OpenGL display list.

Before with Xft1 I was able to get a very appropriate XFontStruct by 
selecting the exact same Xft font but with XFT_CORE set to true, and then it 
was available in xftfont->u.core.font.

This interface seems to have disappeared in Xft2. However it is apparent that 
Xft2 still contains the core font selection code, so it would be really nice 
to access this. Is there any way?

Alternatively, I am quite willing to write the necessary code to get an Xft 
font into an OpenGL display list, except I do not have even the slightest 
hint where to start. What is the most efficient method of getting a bitmap 
out of Xft/freetype, assumming such bitmaps have already been created for use 
by Xft? It seems they are already on the server in the Render extension, is 
there any way to access this (probably not without changes to glX..)

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