[cairo] cairo compiles on win32 (cygwin)

Turner David dturner at cptechno.com
Fri Jan 23 07:17:54 PST 2004


> That may be right. I guess I could've been a little more clear. I 
> removed the code for two reasons:
> 1) It did not seem to be implemented correctly. Every example 
> code and 
> piece of documentation that I could find on the subject had the 
> __declspec(dllexport) at the beginning of the fuction declaration, 
> before the type. Ex:
>     __external_linkage void
>     foo (int bar);
> The implementations I pulled out looked like this:
>     extern void __external_linkage
>     foo (int bar);
> In trying to get it to compile I tried many different things 
> and in the 
> end took it out. Now it looks like this:
>     void
>     foo (int bar);

As an historical note, I believe that early Borland compilers
required the __declspec(dllexport) to be placed between the
function's type and name, as in:

    void __external_linkage  foo( int bar );

that's why many portable libraries that try to deal with this
problem used to either:

 - use two distinct macros (one before, then one after the type)

 - use a function macro like:

        #if BUILD_DLL
        #  if  defined(OLD_BORLAND_COMPILER)
        #    define  EXPORTED(x)   x __declspec(dllexport)
        #  else
        #    define  EXPORTED(x)   __declspec(dllexport) x
        #  define  EXPORTED(x)   extern x


        EXPORTED( void )  foo( int  bar );

Note however that the current crop of Borland C/C++ compilers
will accept the __declspec(dllexport) before or after the type
anyway, so this issue is not as important as it used to be;
at least on Windows.

For Cairo, you could try this scheme with:

    #if defined(WIN32) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
    #  define   CAIRO_API(x)   extern x
    #  define   CAIRO_API(x)   __external_linkage x


    CAIRO_API( void )   cairo_foo( int  bar );

Hope this helps,

- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (www.freetype.org)

> 2) As far as I could tell, while the code was win32 and even cygwin 
> specifig (the macro was defined only #if defined(WIN32) || 
> defined(__CYGWIN__)), the code was not added by someone trying to get 
> cairo to compile under win32 or cygwin. This was code from the slim 
> library. I couldn't find anything on the mailing list suggesting that 
> anyone was able to compile cairo for win32 or cygwin without 
> modifications (and that was my goal) so I felt ok taking it out.
> If someone were to compile in some other win32 environment (not 
> unreasonable) it may turn out that it is necessary. I would 
> feel better 
> about them adding it for that reason. Until then the code is a lot 
> easier to read.
> Thanks
> - Richard D. Worth
> richard at theworths.org
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