[cairo] cairo compiles on win32 (cygwin)

Pierre-Alain Joye paj at pearfr.org
Sat Jan 24 02:36:00 PST 2004

On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 04:59:58 -0500
Carl Worth <cworth at east.isi.edu> wrote:

>  > I would like to try compiling cairo (with FreeType and without
>  > FontConfig) as well ,
>  > but are there any chances to get some beautifully antialiased
>  > curves with all these warnings in libpixman.lib ?
> I hope so, but do let us know if you run into problems.

Wez Furlong (with the help of Edin Kadribasic and Frank M. Kromann) has
added a nice win32 build system to php5 [1], using VC tools. It
basically emulates the configure script in cscript, enable snapshots
build(failure tolerant). There are plans to add some free compilers

I have no clue (or near null) about the builds system in general but
this one should help here. We have many extensions related to many unix
libraries (including freetype), everything works like a charm.

If there is an intererest to get such things for cairo I may ask him if
we can use (or if he can help) this tool. As I'm closed to publish the
php binder, I feel like php will use it at some point. 

Let me know if you like to have it for cairo (at least without X, but
for everything else). It can live with the current unix build scripts.
Then I can give a try a port and/or ask some help to the php win32 guys
in php.



[1] http://cvs.php.net/co.php/php-src/README.WIN32-BUILD-SYSTEM?login=2&
r= 1.4 

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