[cairo] [PATCH] filtering value preservation

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Thu Jan 29 11:02:09 PST 2004

On Jan 29, graydon hoare wrote:
 > yeah, I'd be amenable to that. storing intrinsic drawing state in the 
 > surface makes sense implementation-wise, but is sufficiently confusing 
 > to a user to warrant hiding. do you want me to start on that change, or 
 > just commit the patch with the more minor fixes you've pointed out above?

If you can fix the patch to not copy surface state in create_similar,
then feel free to commit it. You've seen the bug, so you're in a
good position to test the fix.

As for the longer term cleanups, I certainly won't complain if you
want to work on them, but they should not hold up the fix for your


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