Patch for Cairo/win32, was Re: [cairo] Dia as a new Cairo testbed

Hans Breuer Hans at
Tue Jul 6 00:36:37 PDT 2004

At 17:52 05.07.04, Carl Worth wrote:
>On Tue, 25 May 2004 14:32:04 +0200, Hans Breuer wrote:
> > Than there are some additional files required, namely makefiles, export
> > definitions and a faked stdint.h. They are available at :
> >
> >
>I see a makefile.msc files there, but those should be generated from
>, so I'm not interested in committing those. Is there
>anything that needs to be changed in the build structure to generate

Rewrite autoconf & automake ? But serious: there currently is no way
to generate Makefiles for msvc build with the GNU tools - and I don't
expect there will be any time soon. Thus GLib, Pango, Gtk+, Dia and
The GIMP have included makefile.msc to allow building them on
win32 with Micro$oft tools. Though the mainteance of the extra set
of makefiles is sometimes tedious the extra work pays off in about
three times as fast compile (compared to mingw) as well as IMO
much better debugging support - i.e. native tool chain.

> > The build infrastructure used is the same a describe in
> >
>If someone wants to get a win32 build working and send a complete patch,
>then I can commit it after making sure it doesn't break Linux
>builds. I'm unable to test win32 build issues, so any patch that needs
>to be touched before being ready just won't help.

I've updated my patch from "Re: [cairo] Cairo on win32", 2004-05-30.

It not only includes the minimal required changes to build with the msvc
toolchain but also has a new win32 backend based on windows meta file
rendering as described in the other mail.
Again there are some comments about stuff which IMO should be done
different, e.g. the current way to get text output appears rather limited.


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