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Jerome DUFLOS jduflos at mds-design.fr
Sun Jul 11 23:58:00 PDT 2004

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Subject: glitz & Java
Date: mardi 6 Juillet 2004 14:02
From: Jerome DUFLOS <jduflos at mds-design.fr>
To: cworth at isi.edu


I try to use cairo and it's openGL bakend (Glitz) from a java awt
 application. I encountred some problems which I try to solve...

	1 The creation of the openGL Context : I modify this creation
	2 The way of drawing the text : by calling directly th glXXXX functions.

Indeed the front hand to abstract the os and opengl works very well in C but
there is somes problems in Java (Awt and SWT too)
(I use a mandrake 10.0  &  Nvidia GEForce FX 5200.... )

you will find a .diff file in attachment where you can see the modifications.

I have fixed those problems but maybe there is still some others with java ?

You will also find a .txt file in which I report the errors I get if I use
 the original methode.

If you want the java class test I have made to test, ask me I will send you
 an archive of my work..



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/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glActiveTextureARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glBindProgramARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glDeleteProgramsARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glGenProgramsARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glGetProgramivARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glMultiTexCoord2dARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glProgramLocalParameter4dARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glProgramStringARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXBindTexImageARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXCreatePbuffer
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXDestroyPbuffer
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXGetFBConfigAttrib
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXGetFBConfigs
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXGetProcAddressARB
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXGetVisualFromFBConfig
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXMakeContextCurrent
/usr2/jduflos/local/lib/libglitz-glx.so.1: undefined symbol: glXReleaseTexImageARB

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