[cairo] Possible Memory Leak Using Glitz Surfaces

Charles Tuckey ctuckey at verano.com
Mon Jul 26 10:50:57 PDT 2004

David Reveman wrote:
>>We noticed that new textures were being created but that the 
>>glitz_texture_fini method was never being called on them. Thus the above 
>>fix - or hack. Is this the proper way of dealing with this problem?
> no, but this helped me find the real problem. It was a bit hard as the
> current CVS version of glitz is doing some things a bit smarter, which
> meant that this bug wasn't exposed when I was running your test program.
> However, this should now be fixed, just get the latest CVS version and
> you should be fine. 
This is great David! The big memory leak is gone and I learned something 
too. :) Thanks for getting on this so quickly and putting the fix into CVS.

>>We still have a memory leak caused by 
>>GL in our application that is under development but that will require a 
>>new test program. So, I'll be back. :)
> ok, good. please report problems against current CVS version. 
Will do.

> just so you know, your test program might still look like it's leaking a
> little memory but that's probably due to the fact that opengl drivers
> buffer drawing operations and your test program never tells it to flush
> them. adding a glitz_surface_swap_buffers call after each
> cairo_show_text call, makes system memory usage stable for me.
The memory leak disappeared without having to add the swap_buffers call.


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