[cairo] Problems with GtkCairo widget

Patrick Aussems paussems at dti-be.com
Sat Jul 31 12:52:30 PDT 2004

Hi everybody,

I'm writing an application that makes use of Cairo to draw custom Gtk 
widgets. Everything works fine except that when another windows comes in 
front of my widget the redraw of the widget seems occurs at the position 
of the overlapping window! This problem can be reproduced with the 
GtkCairo demo on cvs: launch the application, move a window with the 
left upper edge in the middle of your GtkCairo widget, and put away the 
overlapping window. I've setup a small page with screenshots at 
http://dti.dyndns.biz/~paussems/cairo_bug to illustrate the problem. I 
really hope someone will come up with a solution for this. If more 
informations are required feel free to send me an email.


Patrick Aussems, DTI sa

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