[cairo] performance of cairo in a larger application

Jost Boekemeier jost2345 at yahoo.de
Thu Jun 17 08:38:15 PDT 2004


[xrender slow and crashing]
I use Keith Packard's X server for my tests; I've found the XFree render
implementation unusable. 

[gtkcairo usage]
Your gtkcairo.c flushes the output for the glx backend only.  But for
the gdk/xlib backend the output is double-buffered and I think that gdk
swaps the buffers in the idle thead only or when input is requested. 
>From your description it seems that you constantly stream data to the
server but do not flush the output (wouldn't be the X-Video Extension
the right target to display a scaled video stream?)

BTW: Is there a version of the gtkcairo widget available that works on


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