[cairo] glitz updates and byte-order fix for libpixman

David Reveman c99drn at cs.umu.se
Mon Jun 21 15:19:49 PDT 2004

I took some time and added an appropriate pixel transfer interface to
glitz. Check glitz.h for details.

This new interface allow cairo to send any type of pixel data to a glitz
surface. Right now the GL backend is guessing the pixel format from the
depth of the image surface and format of the destination surface. I
guess this ok for now, but as backends can actually create image
surfaces of any format, a more solid solution would be to add a way for
backends to get the actual image format mask. Adding something like this
to libpixman should do it:


Does this seem like a good idea?

I've attached a simple fix for libpixman that defines IMAGE_BYTE_ORDER
and IMAGE_BIT_ORDER correctly. It seems like libpixman is always
compiled for MSB first byte/bit order without it. If someone could
verify this fix, I could get it commited.

btw, I've also commited a minor clippping fix to cairo and a new glitz
snapshot (0.1.5) with support for none 24-bit visuals and 2x/4x/8x
software multi-sampling is also available.
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