[cairo] Will Cairo support SVG as a "Rendering System" any time in the not-so-nearby future?

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Mon Mar 22 06:24:40 PST 2004

On Mar 19, Rick Niles wrote:
 > It's clear that the first application of Cario is XSVG, using Cario to 
 > render SVG.  However, I'm curious about the opposite.  If I write my 
 > program to the Cario API, will it evenally support output to an SVG XML 
 > file, similar to Postscript output?  It seems like an obvious useful 
 > feature but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

It wouldn't be too difficult to write an SVG backend for cairo.

I'm hoping to sit down and write the PDF backend quite soon. I think
that one's very important to have good print support from cairo, (the
current PostScript backend is deficient in some areas).

Maybe I'll do an SVG backend at the same time or shortly after. That
should actually be even easier for me since, with xsvg, I've already
worked more closely with SVG than with PDF.

Of course, if anyone wants to beat me to it, that would be welcome


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