[cairo] glitz problems

Rob Buis rwlbuis at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 31 22:50:00 PST 2004


I wanted to try glitz out yesterday, but quickly ran into problems.
What I tried was this :

- start with cairo cvs code.
- use the cairo-pattern-040331 patch on it.
- compile this, install it.
- get glitz code from cvs.
- configure indicates glx -> yes, agl -> no.
- compile this, install it.

Now, when I tried cairo-demos-shading-glx I run into problems at
linking time, with undefined references in glitz-glx. I have the cairo, 
glitz and glitz-glx libraries installed on the system (/usr/local/lib).

Did I miss some steps? What would be a nice recipe to try out glitz?


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