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Thu Mar 17 13:15:25 PST 2005

Quoting Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>:

> Eliminating anti-aliasing is not the only solution to this
> problem. If you know that two polygons share a common edge,

Therein lies the problem; making that determination is hard because
multiple polygons in different parts of the document tree may
(visually) share edges in ways that don't relate to their z-order,
and there may be other unrelated intervening polygons.

I can't figure out an algorithm that would work in the general case,
nor an approach that would easily permit incremental rendering --
this seems to require global knowledge.  Maybe you can point me in
the right direction?

I'm going to attach a simple SVG that provides an example of the
rendering problems I am trying to avoid -- namely the four
hairlines that separate the segments of the ring, despite their
meeting perfectly from a geometric perspective.

I've tried to provide a simple but relatively uncontrived example;
this is the sort of thing Inkscape users do occasionally in real
design work, and which they expect us to render properly for them
(at least for "final" output).

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