[cairo] Slipping 1.2.0 out to 2005-12-15, and help needed

Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel.pacaud at univ-poitiers.fr
Sun Nov 13 12:53:56 PST 2005


Le jeudi 10 novembre 2005 à 16:47 -0800, Carl Worth a écrit :
> This does provide more time for other interested people to jump in and
> fill the gaps for the remaining pieces of 1.2.0. If any of the
> following sound important to you, please consider getting involved:

>   * SVG backend
> 	The roadmap has this as experimental, so I think it can be
> 	thrown in at pretty much any point. It just needs someone to
> 	look at it first. I will do this after the PS and PDF stuff is
> 	done if nobody else has by then.

I'll try to adapt my SVG patch to recent fallback changes this week.


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