[cairo] Best strategy for complex screen drawing

mental at rydia.net mental at rydia.net
Mon Nov 28 15:30:46 PST 2005

Quoting Bill Spitzak <spitzak at d2.com>:

> Because of the difficulty in figuring out how to use SATURATE and
> set up a second buffer, and the fact that it cannot be used in
> many cases, I am afraid that most programs will give up and turn
> off antialiasing.  This means that cairo output is not going to
> look very good.

> I really feel that the solution is to add "aliased_lineto" to the
> path-construction operators. This acts exactly like lineto except
> if the path is filled (or used in a filled way, such as a
> clipping path) then no antialiasing is done to that straight
> edge.

At the risk of repeating the conversation that we've all already
had, why not also aliased_curveto, then?


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