[cairo] need a patch of the xcb backend

vincent.siles at gmail.com vincent.siles at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 11:39:51 PST 2005

I'm still developing a wm with xcb/cairo with some friends, and we want to use
composite. I try to do it with cairo but we need the function
XCBRenderCreatePicture to have the IncludeInferiors arg.

line 1173 
XCBRenderCreatePicture (dpy, surface->picture, drawable,
                                    pict_format, 0, NULL);
should be XCBRenderCPSubwindowMode instead of 0, with IncludeInferior as the
value (same at line 1176).

I try to hardcode this but it seems that we need surface with IncludeInferiors
set, and other with IncludeInferiors not set. So I need a way to configure the
surface at its creation.

Our deadline is soon (two weeks), so I haven't the time right now to search how
to do this, so if someone can do it (or give me clues to do it) it would be


PS: our wm works also without composite :)
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